Tricky collaborations discography


   Massive Attack: Blue Lines
  CD UK / Circa Records WBRCD1 / 1. June 1991
  LP UK / Circa Records WBRLP1 / 1. June 1991
  MC UK / Circa Records WBRMC1 / 1. June 1991
  CD Japan / Toshiba EMI VJCP-68409 / 29. March 2002 (Japanese re-issue)

1. Safe From Harm 5:18
2. One Love 4:49
3. Blue Lines 4:22
4. Be Thankful For What You've Got 4:09
5. Five Man Army 6:05
6. Unfinished Sympathy 5:08
7. Daydreaming 4:14
8. Lately 4:27
9. Hymn Of The Big Wheel 6:37

Tricky co-wrote and rapped on three tracks: "Daydreaming", "Five Man Army" and "Blue Lines".

> ... Tricky rapped on and co-authored a trio of tracks on Massive's alluring 'Blue Lines' LP. And it was said that 'Aftermath' might have formed part of that LP, and also the upcoming solo LP of former Massive man and Soul II Soul legend Nellee Hooper. <
(NME, January 22 1994)

> He gave them a song he'd written called 'Daydreaming' and asked if Shara Nelson could sing. They thought it was another of Tricky's funny little plans but when they heard the result... well, it was amazing.<
(Melody Maker, January 21 1995)




   Massive Attack: Protection
  CD UK / Circa Records WBRCD2 / 26. September 1994
  LP UK / Circa Records WBRLP2 / 26. September 1994
  CD Japan / Toshiba EMI VJCP-68410 / 29. March 2002 (Japanese re-issue)

01. Protection 7:51
02. Karmacoma 5:16
03  Three 3:50
04. Weather Storm 5:00
05. Spying Glass 5:20
06. Better Things 4:19
07. Eurochild 5:07
08. Sly 5:24
09. Heat Miser 3:39
10. Light My Fire (live) 3:16

Tricky co-wrote and rapped on 'Karmacoma' (same lyrics as 'Overcome') and 'Eurochild' (some lyrics from 'Hell is round the corner').

"Eurochild is essentially a cover version (with added lyrics by 3D and Tricky) of a song called “Cheetah” originally performed by fellow Bristol band The Insects. The Insects would also contribute on the production side of things for Eurochild and also Karmacoma."
(Massive Attack website)

> Tricky: "I see things very differently to them and it's quite frustrating. All I did was write lyrics and a beat was given to me to rap over. My way of thinking was always alternative to them. One day I'll probably work with them again but there's animosity between us... I've got animosity towards them for saying they co-wrote 'Karmacoma' when I did all the music and most of the words, and they've got animosity towards me for doing my own thing. It's something you can't put your finger on." <
(Melody Maker, January 21 1995)



  click for a bigger pic  Whale: We Care
  CD UK / Hut Records CDHUT25 / 7. March 1995 (left pic)
 2LP UK / Hut Records HUTLP25 / 1995 (right pic)
 MC UK / Hut Records HUTMC25 / 1995

click for a bigger pic

01. Kickin' * 3:47
02. That's Where It's At 4:15
03. Pay For Me 4:24
04. Eurodogs 3:36
05. I'll Do Ya 8:26
06. Electricity 4:13
07. Hobo Humpin' Slobo Babe 3:59
08. Tryzasnice * 4:45
09. Happy In You 4:56
10. I Miss Me 4:11
11. Young Dumb n' Full Of Cum ** 5:14
12. I'm Cold 8:25
13. Born To Raise Hell 1:13

 *   written, produced and performed by Whale and Tricky
**  written, produced and performed by Whale, additional vocals by Tricky

Tryzasnice has some lyrics from Abbaon Fat Tracks.




   Whale: Pay For Me
  CD US / Virgin V25F-38504 / 30. May 1995 

1. Pay For Me (LP version) 4:27
2. The Now Thing * 5:37

* written, produced and performed by Whale and Tricky

"The Now Thing" is also on the European single "I'll Do Ya" (see below).



   Whale: I'll Do Ya
  CD UK / Hut Records HUTD651 / 1995 (digipak)
  12" UK / Hut Records HUTT51 / 1995

1. I'll Do Ya (Edit) 3:57
2. The Now Thing * 5:35
3. Sexy M.M. 4:32
4. I'll Do Ya (Full Version) 8:25

* written, produced and performed by Whale and Tricky

The 12" has exactly the same tracks as the CD (but a slightly different cover: the basket on the front cover looks like the basket on the back cover of the CD):
A1. I'll Do Ya (Edit)
A2. The Now Thing
B1. Sexy M.M.
B2. I'll Do Ya (Full Version)




 Björk: Post
 CD Europe / Mother 527733-2_/_1995 (digipak, polypurse, jewel case) 
 CD UK / One Little Indian tplp51cdx / 1995 (digipak)
 CD UK / One Little Indian tplp51cdl / 1995 (polypurse)
 CD UK / One Little Indian tplp51cd / 1995 (jewel case)
 CD US / Eletra 61740-2 / 1995 (jewel case) 

01. Army Of Me 3:54
02. Hyperballad 5:21
03. The Modern Things 4:10
04. It's Oh So Quiet 3:39
05. Enjoy * 3:57
06. You've Been Flirting Again 2:30
07. Isobel 5:47
08. Possibly Maybe 5:06
09. I Miss You 4:04
10. Cover Me 2:07
11. Headphones * 5:40

* written and produced by Björk and Tricky

> In fairness, May's "Post" was not a trip hop album by any stretch of the imagination, but it shared with the premier trip hoppers a taste for the re-knotting of idioms that must have greatly appealed to them. That Björk herself greatly appealed to Tricky was to be revealed later in the year, via a musically royal romance. <
(Melody Maker, December 23/30 1995)

> Formerly romantically involved with professional kookstress Björk, he now refers to her as "a vampire".<
(Bis Issue, April 20/27 1997)




   Terry Hall: Rainbows EP (CD 1)
  CD / Anxious Records ANX1033CD1 / 1995

1. Chasing A Rainbow 3:12
2. Mistakes 2:31
3. See No Evil (live) 4:05
4. Ghost Town (live) * 4:06

* recorded live with Tricky at The Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, 3rd August 1995

This live version is another version of the Specials song Ghost Town (check out cover me for details). The track is also on the second CD of this single.



   Terry Hall: Rainbows EP (CD 2)
  CD / Anxious Records ANX1033CD2 / 1995

1. Chasing A Rainbow 3:12
2. Our Lips Are Sealed (live) 3:16
3. Thinking Of You (live) 3:39
4. Ghost Town (live) * 4:06

* recorded live with Tricky at The Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, 3rd August 1995

This live version is another version of the Specials song Ghost Town (check out cover me for details). The track is also on the first CD of this single.




   VA: The Crow II - City Of Angels (OST)
  CD / Mercury Records 533_147-2_/_1996

01. Hole: Gold Dust Woman 5:09
02. White Zombie: I'm Your Boogieman 4:29
03. Filter: Jurassitol 5:14
04. PJ Harvey: Naked Cousin 3:56
05. In A Lonely Place * 6:01
06. Tricky vs The Gravediggaz: Tonite Is A Special Nite (Chaos Mass Confusion Mix) 4:45
07. Seven Mary Three: Shelf Life 4:34
08. Linda Perry feat. Grace Slick: Knock Me Out 6:52
09. Toadies: Paper Dress 4:48
10. NY Loose: Spit 5:54
11. Korn: Sean Olson 4:49
12. Deftones: Teething 3:35
13. Iggy Pop: I Wanna Be Your Dog (live) 4:45
14. Pet: Lil' Boots 4:10
15. Above The Law feat. Frost: City Of Angels 4:54
16. Heather Nova & Graeme Revell: Believe In Angels 5:28

* produced by Tricky

This soundtrack features two contributions by Tricky: "Tonite Is A Special Nite", which is the same version as on the Hell EP and he produced the Bush song "In A Lonely Place". This song is identical to the Tricky Mix on the Bush Remix CD "Deconstructed".




   Sub Sub: Smoking Beagles
  12" / Robs Records 12Rob51 / 1996

A1. Smoking Beagles 5:03
B1. Crunch 4:10
B2. Smoking Beagles (Instrumental) 5:00

'Smoking Beagles' is written by Williams, Goodwin, Williams and Tricky, produced by Sub Sub. It can also be found as a b-side on the Tricky Kid single (CD 1). The record includes a piece of paper that says: > Sub Sub requires permanent male vocalist, send tapes to: DFM, PO Box 31, Manchester M20 8GG. < (take a look here!)

A promo white label (see promo discography) of this recording tells an interesting story how Smoking Beagles was recorded, and - ironically - just after Tricky left the studio it went up in smoke...




   Neneh Cherry: Woman Remixes
  CD UK / Hut Records HUT DX 70 / 1996
  CD Netherlands / Hut Records HUT CDE 70 / 1996

1. Woman (LA Funk Mob Mix) 6:14
2. Woman (Alex Reece Vocal Mix) 4:59
3. Had You In Me * 3:55
4. Woman (Alex Reece No Vocal) 4:54

* written by Cherry/Tricky/Saunders
   produced and mixed by Tricky and Mark Saunders

The dutch version has only two tracks:
1. Woman (Heavy Guitar Mix)
2. Had You In Me

See photos of the place in Spain where Tricky recorded some songs with Neneh Cherry and Mark Saunders in 1994 here. More songs were released on other singles (see below) and one track on Tricky's album "Nearly God" (see solo discography).




   VA: Childline
  CD UK / Polygram TV_5530302_/_1996
  MC UK / Polydor Records 5530304 / 1996

01. Automatic Baby (U2 & Michael Stipe) - One 4:29
02. Paul Weller - Feelin' Alright 4:01
03. Ocean Colour Scene - Huckleberry Grove 3:00
04. Alisha's Attic - Still Life 3:51
05. Ash - Punk Boy 2:07
06. Mansun - Ski Jump Nose (Cliff Nourell Mix) 3:43
07. Suede - Lazy (Original demo) 3:12
08. Pulp - Whiskey In The Jar 4:49
09. Cast - Better Man 3:02
10. Lighthouse Family - Ocean Drice (VH1 Acoustic Mix)  3:23
11. Menssswear - Can't Smile Without You 3:58
12. Salad - Back Street Luv 3:31
13. These Animal Men - Wichita Lineman 4:25
14. Booth & The Bad Angel - Dance Of The Bad Angel (Archive Mix) 5:03
15. Tricky - Chaos * 2:52
16. Björk - Possibly Maybe (LFO Lucy Mix) 3:03
17. East 17 - Looking For (Biff Mix) 4:01
18. Boyzone - Your Song 3:54

* A duet with Ambersunshower

See a pic of the tape here.




   Neneh Cherry: Kootchi
  CD UK / Hut Records HUTDG75 / 1996 (left pic, digipak)
  CD Netherlands / Virgin 893_905-2_/_1996 (right pic)

1. Kootchi (Radio Edit)  3:50
2. Somedays 3:35
3. Crack Baby * 4:52
4. Kootchi (12 Rounds Remix) 5:12

* written by Cherry/McVey/Thorson/Tricky/Saunders
   produced by Tricky and Mark Saunders

See photos of the place in Spain where Tricky recorded some songs with Neneh Cherry and Mark Saunders in 1994 here. More songs were released on other singles and one track on Tricky's album "Nearly God" (see solo discography).



   Neneh Cherry: Feel It
 CD UK / Hut Records HUTCD79 / 1997

1. Feel It (Radio Mix) 4:20
2. Trout 5:03
3. Devotion * 4:42
4. I wanna know * 4:04

* written by Cherry/Tricky/Saunders 
   produced by Tricky and Mark Saunders

See photos of the place in Spain where Tricky recorded some songs with Neneh Cherry and Mark Saunders in 1994 here. More songs were released on other singles and one track on Tricky's album "Nearly God" (see solo discography).

>  Over the strains of Pleistocene guitar riffing and a funky, John Bonham - like beat, Neneh Cherry's spunky voice comes bubbling forth.  ...  Tricky cracks a smile so big his eyes scrunch up into narrow slits. "It'd be huge!" he gushes, picking up his joint again. "It's poptastic!"  ...   "They got scared" he recalls with a laugh. "They thought it sounded too much like me." <
(Spin, May 1998)




   Cath Coffey: Mind The Gap
  CD Japan / Island PHCR 1852 / 1997 
  LP Japan / Island PHCR_1852-12_/_1997

01. Tell Me 4:01
02. Say What You Say 4:26
03. Doll On A Music Box 4:35
04. Games 5:13
05. Angel 5:12
06. Haze 5:18
07. Breaking Away 4:43
08. In This Time 5:06
09. Something About You 5:41
10. Giddy Up 5:08
11. Summer Nights * 6:52
12. Strange Fruit 4:50
13. Tell Me (A Guy Called Gerald's "Classified Mix") 4:44

* produced by Tricky, additional vocals by Tricky

This album is only released in Japan so far. "Summer Nights" is a cover version of the 'Grease' song, written by Jim Jacobs & Warren Casey (check out cover me for details). It seems there are two versions existing, because a college radio station played a different version in '96 (see Tricky radio). The album version is slower and has Tricky's vocals, the other version features Wayne Jobson on vocals. Cath Coffey often performed live with Tricky, sometimes using lyrics from here songs Something About You (for example Ghetto Youth for Sessions At West 1998 on You Tube) and Doll On A Music Box (on the infamous "Andrew Smith song" at Elysee Montmartre, Paris in 1997, see here).

> Tricky: "This is something I haven't released yet." 
A sick, slow, depraved version of the Grease classic "Summer Nights" comes blasting  out of the speakers, all gongs and Neubauten crashes. The sultry diva Cath Coffey, heard on Nearly God, trades verses with Jamaican vocalist Wayne Jobson, getting physical in a way that Olivia Newton-John couldn't imagine. <
(Spin, December 1996)




   VA: Half Baked (Music from the motion picture)
  CD / MCA MCD 11723 / 1998
01. Bloodhound Gang - Along Comes Mary 3:22
02. Smash Mouth feat. Chopper - Virgin Girl 3:37
03. Luscious Jackson - Love That's Real Suite 2:48
04. Home Grown - We Are Dumb 1:57
05. Black Grape - Marbles (Why You Say Yes...?) *4:45
06. Days Of The New - Seasons Change4:58
07. The Specials - Farmyard Connection3:37
08. Cowboy Mouth - The Pusher4:08
09. DJ Milo And Tricky - We Know **4:38
10. Coolio - (I'm In Love With) Mary Jane4:33
11. UB40 - I Get Lifted ***3:58
12. Cibo Matto - Who's Got The Light ***2:53
13. Tom Tom Club And Nonchalant - Flyin' ***4:38
14. The Pharcyde - Pack The Pipe5:26

  *   remixed by Tricky
 **  written and produced by Tricky and DJ Milo
*** produced by Tricky

'Who's got the light' can also be found on the double CD single "At Home With The Singles" from Cibo Matto (2001).

> He got into the Wild Bunch through his friendship with Milo, Massive Attack's original DJ who left before 'Blue Lines' because, as Tricky puts it,"He's that fuckin' militant about music he just didn't want to fuck with record companies. <
(Mixmag, September 1996)



  click here to see more pics  DJ Milo & Tricky: God's Bass
  12" US / Durban Poison DPROWL 12001 / 1998 (?) (clear vinyl, unofficial, limited)

A. DJ Milo & Tricky: God's Bass
B. London Posse: Style

This is an unreleased song from DJ Milo and Tricky, you can listen to it on YouTube (thanks to Ferdinand!). I don't know the year and label of it, but guessing from the catalogue number it was released on Tricky's own label Durban Poison, as it has a similar catalogue number as "Can't Freestyle" (DPRO WL 12002). So I'm also guessing that it was released shortly before Can't Freestyle, probably also in 1998. The vinyl is clear and comes in a standard black die cut cover. See scans of the vinyl here.



  click to see more pics  Grace Jones & Tricky: Clandestine Affair
  12" US / Durban Poison DPROWL 12004 / 1998 (?) (clear vinyl, unofficial, limited)

A1. Grace Jones & Tricky: Clandestine Affair (vocal) 5:52
A2. Grace Jones & Tricky: Clandestine Affair (instrumental) 5:40
B. DJ Milo & Tricky: We know4:36

Although it doesn't say on the vinyl I'm pretty sure that the label is Durban Poison and the release year is 1998. It has a similar catalogue number as "God's Bass" and "Can't Freestyle", and at least the latter was definitely released in 1998. So this was probably released shortly afterwards. Also the b-side "We know" was released in 1998 on the Half-Baked soundtrack and another Grace Jones collaboration ("Cradle to the Grave", see below) was also released in 1998. DJ Milo also lists this on his website, but with the year 1997. The vinyl is clear and comes in a standard white sleeve and black cover. See scans of the vinyl here.

There are unofficial vinyls existing with the numbers 12001 ("Can't Freestyle"), 12002 ("God's Bass") and 12004 ("Clandestine Affair"). So I wonder: what is 12003????

> ... A record deal with his own label, Durban Poison, for 80s disco queen Grace Jones, who he's got duetting with him over a warped jungle backing. "She's got an aura," he enthuses. "And she's as confused as I am. She's perfect. <
(Mixmag, September 1996)



  see more pics here  Grace Jones: Hurricane Mix (testpress)
  12" US / White Label G828 / 23. September 1998

A. Cradle To The Grave (The Hurricane Mix #1) 9:56
B. Cradle To The Grave (The Hurricane Mix #2) 7:54

This is a testpress for a promo that was released 2 weeks later (see below). At least that's what the paper tucked on it says (see scans of it here). The vinyl itself has no writing or anything on it and doesn't have a cover, just a plain white sleeve. The catalogue number (G828) is carved in the vinyl, also "mastered by Trotone PA 9/98", the latter referring to the release date September 1998. 



  see more pics here  Grace Jones: Hurricane Mix
  12" US / White Label G828 / October 1998

A. Cradle To The Grave (The Hurricane Mix #1) 9:56
B. Cradle To The Grave (The Hurricane Mix #2) 7:54

See scans of this release here. This track should be released on Durban Poison, but was never released officially. The Hurricane Mix was done (probably in 1997 already) by DJ Emily, as you can read here. But it is also released on Danny Tenaglia's "Greates Remixes Vol.3" in 2005 (see below). 
The title of the song is a bit of a mystery, too. While the record says only "The Hurricane Mix" most people called it "Cradle To The Grave", and that's also the name of the track on the Danny Tenaglia remix album. The song was then officially released with the name "Hurricane" 10 years later on her album "Hurricane" (see below). The mix is totally different, though.
Back in 1999 you could listen to another remix of 'Cradle To The Grave' on House of Blues Tricky radio!!! There is also another promo 12" existing with another song named "Clandestine Affair" (see above). Maybe there is even more material sitting on a shelf somewhere and never released :( 

> ... A record deal with his own label, Durban Poison, for 80s disco queen Grace Jones, who he's got duetting with him over a warped jungle backing. "She's got an aura," he enthuses. "And she's as confused as I am. She's perfect. <
(Mixmag, September 1996)



   Terranova: Close The Door
  CD / STUD!O K7 k7077 / 30. August 1999 (left)
  2LP / STUD!O K7 k7077 / 30. August 1999 
  CD / Copasetik COPA010CD / 16. November 1999 (right)
  2LP / Copasetik COPA010LP / 16. November 1999

01. X-Files 5:00
02. Sugar Hill 5:27
03. Turn Around 4:49
04. Bombing Bastards * 5:16
05. Never 4:27
06. Midnight Melodic 4:16
07. Sweet Bitter Love 5:15
08. Close The Door 4:26
09. Plastic Stress 4:38
10. Just Enough 4:28
11. Millenium Bug 5:46
12. Midnight Melodic (Chase The Blues) 4:46

* vocals by Tricky 

Bombing Bastards is exactly the same version as on the 'For real' single part 1. It can also be found on Terranova's album "B-Sides & Remix Sessions" (released probably on the 17th of June 2002). The song uses almost the same lyrics as Smoking Beagles (b-side from the Tricky Kid single).




   The Baby Namboos: Ancoats 2 Zambia
  CD UK / Durban Poison/Palm Pictures PALMCD 2031-2 / 13. September 1999 
  CD US / Durban Posion/Palm Pictures / 11. January 2000

01. Intro 1:27
02. Hard Times 3:26
03. Get Your Head Down ° 4:05
04. Ancoats 2 Zambia ° * 4:45
05. Provoked ° *6:24
06. Persist To Reminisce4:04
07. Holy5:06
08. Late Night Antics4:52
09. Trials And Tribulations4:27
10. Play With Me4:46

° co-written by Tricky
* additional vocals by Tricky

The US version has two bonus tracks: Ancoats 2 Zambia (Dilinja Remix), Ancoats 2 Zambia (Geoff Barrow Remix). Both remixes can also be found on the 'Ancoats 2 Zambia' single (see below).

> The first release is by the Baby Namboos, three of whom are Tricky's cousins and one his sister. "It's a family affair," he says. "If I never sold another record, it wouldn't bother me, I could join them, it would be cool." <
(Big Issue, May 25-31 1998)




   The Baby Namboos: Ancoats 2 Zambia EP
  CD / Durban Poison/Palm Pictures PP12_7018-2_/_1999 (left)
CD US / Durban Poison/Palm Pictures PPCD 7018-2_/_1999 (left)
  12" / Durban Poison/Palm Pict. PP12_7018-1_/_1999 (rigt) 

1. Ancoats 2 Zambia (Original Version) ° *
2. Provoked ° *
3. Ancoats 2 Zambia (Geoff Barrow Remix)
4. Ancoats 2 Zambia (Dilinja Remix)

° co-written by Tricky
* additional vocals by Tricky

The 12" has the same tracks, but in a different order:
A1. Ancoats 2 Zambia (Original Version)
A2. Provoked
B1. Ancoats 2 Zambia (Dilinja Remix)
B2. Ancoats 2 Zambia (Geoff Barrow Remix)
There's also a promo 12" existing with an exclusive track: an instrumental of the Geoff Barrow Remix. The tracks on the promo 12" (PP12 7018-1) are: 
A1. Ancoats 2 Zambia (Album Version)
A2. Provoked
B1. Ancoats 2 Zambia (Dilinja Remix)
B2. Ancoats 2 Zambia (Geoff Barrow Remix)
B3. Ancoats 2 Zambia (Geoff Barrow Instrumental Remix).

> Tricky: "It sounds like council houses. It sounds like being on the dole. It sounds like my music." <
(Big Issue, April 21-27 1997)




   Product Of The Environment: Product Of...
  CD UK / Durban Poison/Palm Pictures PALMCD 2029-2 / 25. October 1999 
01. Roy Shaw 4:00
02. Bernie Lee 7:22
03. Tony Guest 6:16
04. Jack Adams 5:55
05. Tony Lambrianou6:00
06. Freddie Foreman5:16
07. Dave Courtney5:49
08. Joey Pyle6:13
09. Charlie Richardson6:22
10. Tommy Wisbey4:02
11. 'Mad' Frankie Fraser8:36

This album features British gangsters telling their stories with music from Tricky's keyboarder Gareth Bowen, who produced all the tracks, except "Tony Guest" (produced by Genaside II) and "Tommy Wisbey" (produced by The Baby Namboos). Tricky is executive producer. Check out the Product of the Environment special site for lyrics and links!

There's a remix of 'Bernie Lee' (maybe by Genaside II?) on a promo 12" (see promo discography).

> Bowen got to know Jack Adams, an accomplice of the Krays, after working at London's Barrington Studios, which Adams owns. Adams introduced Bowen to a number of underworld nines, including Great Train Robber Tom Wisby end another Kray associate, Tony Lambrianou, who served time for the murder of Jack 'The Hat' McVitie.... <
(NME, July 31 1999)



   Genaside II: Ad Finite
  CD / Durban Poison 4028 / 1999
01. The Genaside Will Not Be Televised 4:42
02. 50,000 What's? 4:51
03. Casualties Of War 5:19
04. The Heaviest 3:46
05. Mr. Maniac4:14
06. Bizarre Bleedin'5:24
07. Streets Of San Fran Brixton4:30
08. Paranoid Thugism *3:47
09. Death Of The Kamikazee4:27
10. Bullet Proof Jumper5:03
11. Ad Finite6:09
12. Scorpion's Nihilistic Colours5:04

* featuring Tricky



   Live: Simple Creed
  CD Germany / Radioactive Records 155_870-2_/_2001 (left pic)
  CD Australia / Radioactive Records 155_870-2_/_2001 (right pic)
  CD Netherlands / Radioactive Records 155_871-2_/_August 2001 (left pic)
click here for a bigger pic

1. Simple Creed (feat. Tricky) 3:24
2. Shit Towne (live version) 4:40
3. Sparkle (live version) 5:24

Simple Creed' features Tricky's vocals and additional lyrics (he is also featured in the video). The song can also be found on Live's album 'V' (see below). The dutch version has only the first two tracks and comes in a cardboard sleeve (while the other two have slim jewel cases). The cover of the Australian version has an explicit lyrics warning on it (click here to see a bigger pic).




   Live: V
  CD / Radioactive Records 112_485-2 / 17. September 2001
01. Intro 0:37
02. Simple Creed (feat. Tricky) 3:24
03. Deep Enough 3:19
04. Like A Soldier 3:12
05. People Like You3:17
06. Transmit Your Love4:35
07. Forever May Not Be Long Enough3:49
08. Call Me A Fool2:38
09. Flow3:30
10. The Ride3:54
11. Nobody Knows4:26
12. OK3:11
13. Overcome4:16
14. Hero Of Love5:12

Tricky is not only featured on the song 'Simple Creed', but also in the 'Intro', where parts of his Simple Creed vocals are used. He already collaborated with Live's singer Ed Kowalczyk on his own song  'Evolution Revolution Love'. All versions of 'V' have two hidden bonus tracks:
15. Deep Enough (Remix) (3:11)
16. multimedia track (0:00)
According to Swami's Live discography "the multimedia feature allows you to listen to the CD on your computer, watch the music video for Simple Creed, and log you onto".



   VA: Remixed By Tricky
  CD Germany / Universal 556 723-2 / 1. October 2001
1. Intastella: randmaster (Durban Poison Mix) 6:41
2. Black Grape: Marbles (Tricky Mix) 4:47 
3. Elvis Costello: Distorted Angel (Remix by Tricky) 5:36
4. Yoko Ono: Where Do We Go From Here (Tricky Remix) 5:08
5. Cath Coffey: Summer Nights6:54
6. Aco: Natsu No Hi (Tricky Remix)4:31
7. Angelique Kidjo: Agolo (How's Tricks Mix)6:12
8. Bush:  In A Lonely Place (Tricky Mix)
9. Garbage: Milk (The Tricky Mix)4:19

This is a compilation of remixes by Tricky and his production for Cath Coffey. The Remix of Angelique Kidjo is 6:12 long, although it says 9:36 on the back cover. Also some of the other track length are incorrect, but just a few seconds. I've listed the actual length of the tracks, not the ones mentioned on the cover.



   John Forte: I, John
  CD US / Transparent Records / 23. April 2002
01. What A Difference (featuring Dinah Washington)
02. Harmonize
03. What You're Used To
04. Trouble Again (featuring Tricky)
05. All The Pretty People
06. Take Time, Slow Down
07. Beware
08. Been There, Done That (featuring Carly Simon)
09. How Could I?
10. Out Of Bed
11. Hungry
12. Dearest Father 
13. Lady
14. Reunion

The Tricky collaboration can also be found on the "Dark Angel" soundtrack, check out movies don't move me for details.



   VA: Bad Company
  CD US / Hollywood Records / 4. June 2002
01. Ali Featuring St. Lunatics
02. Gorillaz Featuring Terry Hall - 911
03. Outkast - B.O.B (Bombs Over Baghdad)
04. Dub Pistols - 6 Million Ways To Live
05. Next - Tonite
06. Pretty Willie - Na Na
07. Jaheim Featuring Duganz - Anything For You (Devine Mill Re-Mix)
08. Jagged Edge - All Out Of Love
09. Blu Cantrell - It's Killing Me (In My Mind)
10. Rama Duke - To Keep This Life
11. Tricky - Excess
12. Ko-La Featuring Tricky - Don't Touch
13. Supervision Featuring Blid Gotti - My Crew (Part II)
14. Trevor Rabin - BMBBO

This soundtrack not only features a Tricky song from his latest album 'Blowback' - Excess - but also a new collaboration with the girl group Ko-La. The soundtrack is only released in the US so far. There are actually three more songs from Tricky in the movie, but not on the soundtrack. Two of them are unreleased: "Matrix" and "Real People". Check out movies don't move me for details.



   Paul Oakenfold: Bunkka
  CD US / Warner Bros. / 18.6.2002
  CD UK / Perfecto Mushroom Records PERFALB09CD / 24. June 2002
  3LP UK / Perfecto Mushroom Records PERFALB09LP / 24. June 2002
  CD Germany / Pias / 8. July 2002

01. Ready Steady Go (with Asher D)
02. Southern Sun (with Carla Werner)
03. Time Of Your Life (with Perry Farrell)
04. Hypnotized (with Tiff Lacey)
05. Zoo York
06. Nixon's Spirit (with Hunter S. Thompson)
07. Hold Your Hand (with Emiliana Torrini)
08. Starry Eyed Surprise (with Shifty Shellshock)
09. Get 'Em Up (with Ice Cube)
10. Motion (with Grant Lee Phillips)
11. The Harder They Come (with Nelly Furtado & Tricky)

This collaboration was also relased in spring 2003 with a different female singer (Keisha White instead of Nelly Furtado) as a single (see below). 




   Rico vs. Tricky: Mixed-Up Faces
  CD UK / Manufractured, Urbain Poison MFCD0011 / 22. July 2002

1. Mixed-Up Faces 3.28
2. Small Doses 2.17
3. Mixed-Up Faces (Remix) 2.35
This EP was recorded in two days after the two had met at a concert of Tricky. According to Rico's official site, the Remix of 'Mixep-Up Faces' is a "radical reworking by Tricky and his rhythm section of the title track". The EP is released on CD and in the UK only - on Rico's label Manufractured and Tricky's Urban Poison (former Durban Poison). 
The track 'Small Doses' was released in 2004 (see below) on Rico's album "Violent Silences" with the title 'Recommended Dose', as a longer and slightly different version.



  click here to see a bigger picture  KHM: Game
  CD US / Number 6 Records / 23. July 2002

01. Skit 1 0.59
02. Really Want You 3.45
03. Nice Thinga 3.34
04. Game 3.34
05. U Jerk Chickens 3.53
06. Run Dem Red (feat. Tricky) 3.43
07. Skit 2 0.33
08. Copy What You Want 4.38
09. New York 4.17
10. Rock Is Dead 4.38
11. Gotta Do - Main 3.42
12. Space 3.29
13. Xecutive Decision 3.27
14. Sally 9.14

KHM stands for Kool Keith, H Bomb and Marc Live. 'Run Dem Red' features Tricky's vocals. You can order the CD at Tower Records.




  click here to see by backside  Paul Oakenfold: The Harder They Come CD 1
  CD UK / Perfecto Mushroom Records PERF49CDS / 10. February 2003

1. The Harder They Come (with Keisha White & Tricky) 3.12
2. Oakenfold Vs. DJ Judas: The Prophet (Sabata Remix) 7.00
3. Hypnotised (Vocals Tiff Lacey) (Kowalski Remix) 8.24
4. The Harder They Come video
Nelly Furtado's vocals have been taken out from this track for the single release! The new vocals are done by Keisha White (see the credits from the back of the CD cover here). This version is also on the second CD and 12" of this single (see below). Tricky is not in the video, you can also see the video online here, more details about the release can be found here.


   Paul Oakenfold: The Harder They Come CD 2
  CD UK / Perfecto Mushroom Records PERF49CDSX / 10. February 2003

1. The Harder They Come (with Keisha White & Tricky) 3.12
2. Starry Eyed Surprise Live (vocals Shifty Shellshock of Crazy Town) 4.01
3. Mortal 6.42
The new version of 'The Harder They Come' can also be found on CD 1 and the 12" (Read the credits for the song here).


   Paul Oakenfold: The Harder They Come 12"
  12" UK / Perfecto Mushroom Records PERF49T / 10. February 2003

A1. Oakenfold Vs DJ Judas: The Prophet 45rpm
AA1. The Harder They Come (with Keisha White & Tricky) - 33rpm
AA2. Hypnotized (Vocals Tiff Lacey) (Kowalski Remix)
The Tricky collaboration has to be played with 33rpm! But the version is the same as on the two CDs (see above).



  click for more pics  Martina Topley Bird: Quixotic
  CD UK / Independiente ISOM 34CD / 14. July 2003
  CD Europe / Independiente Sony ISM 512064 2 / 14. July 2003
  CD France / Independiente Sony ISM 512064 9 / 25. August 2003

01. Intro 1:11
02. Need One 3:55
03. Anything 4:25
04. Soul Food 5:31
05. Lullaby 4:22
06. Too Tough To Die 3:57
07. Sandpaper Kisses * 3:52
08. Ragga ** 3:15
09. Lying 4:13
10. I Wanna Be There  1:53
11. I Still Feel * 5:20
12. Ilya*** 4:38
13. Stevie's (Day's Of A Gun) **** 4:32

* additional production
** lyrics, music, vocals, production, programming
*** programming
**** production

Martina wrote most of the songs with Amp 9 (Nick Bird, Alex McGowan and Steve Crittall). Tricky is involved in 5 tracks (see above). Some tracks are also recorded "at Tricky's place" (Ragga and Ilya). Also David Holmes produced two tracks (Too Tough To Die, I Wanna Be There: co-produced with Martina and Amp 9). Cath Coffey does backing vocals on some tracks, also Petra (from David Holmes' Free Association).
Check out more scans of the CD and booklet here. The booklet contains all the lyrics, which you can read in the Martina lyrics section. The french version has three bonus tracks:
14. Skyscraper
15. I Wanna Be here (Live at Bush Hall)
16. Too Tough To Die (Hot To Tape Mix)
The album was released later in the US with a different title (Anything), cover and tracklist (see below).




   Tricky: Back To Mine
  CD UK / DMC, BACKCD 14 / 15. September 2003
  3LP UK / DMC, BACKLP 14 / 15. September 2003

01. The Cure: Lullaby

02. Radanna: How We Ride

03. Eric B & Rakim: My Melody

04. The Beat: Mirror In The Bathroom

05. Dr John: Loop Garoo

06. Radagan & Tricka: Receive Us

07. Morphine: Potion

08. The Buzzcocks: You Tear Me Up

09. Le Tigre: Much Finer

10. Gregory Isaacs: Night Nurse

11. Kat Cross: Symphony For Irony

12. Kate Bush: Eat The Music

13. Costanza: Desire

14. Chet Baker: My Funny Valentine

15. Liz Densmore: Just A Little Bit

16. Lickle Kings feat. Shola: Days Like This

Four artists of this compilation are on Tricky's label Brown Punk. Later Kat Cross performed live with Tricky in 2008, watch the performance on You Tube. She improvised her song "Symphone for irony" to the music of "Hell is round the corner".




   Agoria: Blossom
 CD / Pias Different DIFF 2025CD / 22.9.2003 (left)
 3LP France / Pias Different DIFF 2025TLP / 22. 9.2003
 2CD France / Pias Different DIFF 2025 CDX / 2003 (right)
click here for a bigger pic

01. Think Different
02. Spinach Girl (feat. Sylvie Marks)
03. Stereolove
04. Presque Un Ange
05. Worth It (feat. Ann Saunderson)
06. Organic
07. Haiku
08. All I Need
09. Kofea
10. 2thousand3 (feat. Tricky)
11. La Onzieme Marche

The limited edition double CD contains unreleased tracks and two videos on the second CD, nothing Tricky-related though.




   Jam & Spoon: Tripomatic Fairytales 3003
  CD Ger / Polydor/Island/Universal 986_603-1 / 21. June 2004

01. Moment Gone (feat. Plavka)
02. Cynical Heart (feat. Jim Kerr)
03. Set Me Free (feat. Rea)
04. Mirror Lover (feat. Dolores O'Riordan)
05. Bianche Le Mie Mani (feat. Tricky)
06. None Of This (feat. Xavier Naidoo)
07. Vata (feat. Shweta)
08. So Sweet (feat. Virginia)
09. Butterfly Sign (feat. Plavka)
10. Something To Remind Me (feat. Midge Ure)
11. Mary Jane (feat. Marc Gardener)
12. Why (feat. Rea)
13. Blue Moon Tidal (feat. Plavka)
14. Junoon (feat. Shweta, Mike Romeo)
15. Be Angeled (feat. Rea)

Track 5 features Tricky's and Costanza's vocals. The lyrics are written by Tricky, the music by Jam El Mar.




   Sly & Robbie: Version Born
  CD US / Palm Pictures PALMBEAT 1015-2 / 22. June 2004
  CD Europe / Rough Trade ... / 16. August 2004

01. Subzero (feat. Black Thought)
02. Vice Vanity (feat. Beans and Hawkman)
03. Here Comes The Rain Again (feat. Imani Uzuri)
04. Right Stuff Dub
05. Around The Sun (feat. Killah Priest & Gigi)
06. Perspective (feat. Woyneab Miraf Wondwossen)
07. Shock Absorber Dub
08. Street Times (feat. Tricky & Ragadon)
09. For The Living (feat. N'Dea Davenport)
10. Rhythmotor Dub
11. Words In Verse (feat. Sussan Deyhim)
12. Turbo Dub



  click here to see a bigger picture  Rico: Violent Silences
  CD UK / Manufractured MFCD012 / 12. July 2004

01. Dawn Raid 3:57
02. Recommended Dose 4.21
03. Psycho Killer 3:59
04. Violent Silences 4:20
05. Crazier 4:12
06. Kickback 1:47
07. She's My Punk Rock 3:17
08. Big Black Sea 5:29
09. Garden Man 4:54
10. Manufractured 4:18
11. Freefall 3:31
12. Forward Motion 6:31

The track 'Recommended Dose' is a different (and longer) version of the Tricky collaboration 'Small Doses', released on the 2002 EP "Mixed-Up Faces" (see above).




  click here for more pics  Martina Topley Bird - Anything
  CD US / Palm Pictures PALMCD 2134-2 / 27. July 2004 

01. Anything 4:23
02. Ragga** 3:15
03. Need One 3:55
04. Soul Food 5:30
05. Ilya*** 4:36 
06. I Still Feel ** 5:19 
07. Sandpaper Kisses * 3:52
08. Too Tough To Die 3:58
09. Lullaby 4:24
10. Outro 1:10

* additional production
** lyrics, music, vocals, production, programming
*** programming

This is the US version of Martina's debut album, it comes as a digipak. The album was released last year in Europe with the name 'Quixotic' (see above). One track with Tricky's production from the European version is missing (Stevie's - Day's Of A Gun). The last track, 'Outro', is the same as 'Intro' on Quixotic. The cover is taken from the 'Anything' video (see videography), the packaging is a digipak, see scans here. Executive producers of this album are Chris Blackwell from Palm Pictures and Bruno Guez.




  click here for more pics  Sundance Film Festival 2004
  promo double CDR  US / Chrysalis Music Group SC0104  / 2004

CD 1:
01. Morcheeba: Lead Me 4:06
02. The Cooper Temple Clause: Into My Arms 6:13
03. Laika: Girl Without Hands 5:00
04. Martina Topley-Bird featuring Tricky: Alone 4:31
05. The Twilight Singers: Feathers 4:03
06. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Waiting Here 3:45
07. Longwave: State Of Mind 3:08
08. OBI: Little Things 3:50
09. David Gray: Falling Down The Mountainside 4:48
10. Jonathan Rice: Break So Easy 3:14
11. Gersey: Wait Here  3:34
12. Grant Lee Philips: Dirty Secret 3:37
13. Jim White: Objects In Motion  6:02
14. Joe Henry: Dirty Magazine  4:40
15. The Engineers: How Do You Say Goodbye  5:33
16. I Am Kloot: The Same Deep Water As Me  4:10
17. Daniel Lanois: Space Kay  1:58
18. Andy Stochansky: The Italian Bicycle  3:07
19. The Days: Lilly  2:36

This song by Tricky and Martina Topley-Bird is unreleased so far!!! It was probably recorded for Quixotic, but then didn't make it to the album. This CD is a promo double CDR, I bought mine at (but it's sold out now).



  see more pics here  Danny Tenaglia: Greatest Remixes Vol. 3
  2LP UK / DTT 003 / 16. May 2005

A1. Green Velvet: Flash (Danny Tenaglia Nitrous Oxide mix)
B1. Grace Jones: Cradle To The Grave (Tenaglia's White Label Mix)
C1. Kings Of Tomorrow feat Julie McKnight: Finally (Danny Tenaglia mix)
D1. Fugees: Killing Me Softly (Danny Tenaglia's D Tour mix)
D2. A Guy Called Gerald: Voodoo Ray (Danny Tenaglia remix)

The Grace Jones track has vocals by Tricky, it was already released in 1998 on a white label (see above) as The Hurricane Mix #1, just the ending is a bit different. It was then later released on Grace Jones' solo album "Hurricane" in 2008 (see below) in a totally different mix.




   Sunshine: Moonshower And Razorblades
 CD / Custard Records / 2005 (left)
 CD Japan / Fabulous FABC-012 / 8. August 2005 (right)
click for a bigger pic  

01. What You've Got  3:54
02. Victimisanothernameforlover 4:48
03. Lower Than Low 3:24 
04. Vampire's Dancehall 3:25
05. Never's Always Never  3:45
06. Victoria's Secret Blackmail  4:36 
07. Let's Have Hips Talk 4:04 
08. Miss KKarma KKoma 4:08 
09. Neon Religion (feat. Tricky) 4:52
10. Moonshower and Razorblades 5:23 
11. Sweet Means Dirty 4:02
12. Riot of Misfits 4:08

Tha Japanese version has two bonus tracks (nothing Tricky-related though):
13. What You've Got (Casey Chaos Remix)
14. Thru Magnetic Fields (bonus tracks For Japan Only)



   Warrior Charge - No Foundation No House
 CD Japan / Beat Records BRC-153 / 16. September 2006 
 CD UK / Anhrefn Records / 29. September 2008

01. Warrior Interlude (feat. African Headcharge & Ghetto Priest) 1:42 
02. Memories Of A Lake (feat. Bea Brown) 3:18 
03. You Don't Know Me (fest. Tricky & Ilana) 3:13
04. Where have you been (feat. Noel McKoy) 3:29
05. Concrete Jungle (feat. Brisnley Forde) 4:58 
06. Charge 1 (feat. Blu)  3:34
07. Grubby Kid (feat. Bea Brown) 3:54
08. Vampires (feat. Blu) 4:36
09. Tek Warning (feat. Brinsley Forde) 4:19
10. The Hawk (feat. Hawkman) 2:49
11. Long Road (feat. Blu) 2:17 
12. Warrior Charge 3:01
13. Tek Warning (Adrian Sherwood On-U Mix) 4:11

Warrior Charge are Perry Melius (drums) and Wayne Nunes (bass), who have played with Tricky live and in the studio for about 10 years! Also Hawkman is featured on the album (track "The Hawk"), who was Tricky's vocalist in 2001. I've listed the tracks from the Japanese version, because it was released earlier. The UK version has a slightly different order of tracks (see discogs) and instead of the song "Where have you been (feat. Noel McKoy)" it has "Bad Fruit (feat. Jeb Loy Nichols and Shaila Prospere)".
The female vocals on the track "You don't know me" are provided by Ilana Lorraine. It samples a part of "Feed me", if I'm not mistaken.  




   Zenzile - Living In Monochrome
  CD France / UWe SARL 234 / 3. September 2007
  2LP France /
UWe SARL 231 / September 2007

01. Still Can't Sleep 5:20
02. All Day Breakfast 3:17
03. Rebel 3:36
04. Reflection (featuring Tricky) 3:25
05. Sham 4:06
06. Giant Undertow 5:13
07. Pipe Dream No.1 2:35
08. Who's For Real 2:56
09. Off Shore 5:15
10. Lion 4:26
11. Demon Inside 5:01
12. Pipe Dream No.2 2:04
13. Last Drink On Earth 5:14

This album is released in France only, as far as I know. You can buy it at Amazon or Fnac. The double LP has a different track order.



   Balay - Plug Me In
  MP3 download album /AFA Music Group / 26. February 2008 

01. International Public Radio 
02. Telegraphic Messages
03. Belong
04. Saving A Fish From Drowning 
05. First Degree  
06. Scarlett Letter  
07. Valley Girls R Easy
08. Immortality
09. Shy Boy
10. Save A Prayer For Me
11. Tongue Tied (feat. Tricky)
12. Plug Me In
13. Boy Love
14. Bang!

This album is released for download only, as far as I know. You can buy it on Amazon. The song also has a video with appearances by Tricky, but they are just taken from the Evolution Revolution Love and Makes Me Wanna Die video (see videography).




  click here for a bigger pic  Grace Jones - Hurricane
   CD / Wall Of Sound WOS050CD / 3. Novembrr 2008 

01. This Is  5:40
02. Williams' Blood  5:59
03. Corporate Cannibal  5:55
04. I'm Crying (Mother's Tears)  4:34
05. Well Well Well  3:54
06. Hurricane 6:43
07. Love You To Life  5:21
08. Sunset Sunrise  5:13
09. Devil In My Life  5:50

The song "Hurricane" was already recorded back in 1998 and released on a whilte label (see above) as a dance mix. It was called "From cradle to the grave" in these times (because that's part of the lyrics). Who did the mixes is a bit of a mystery, because sometimes a DJ Emily is mentioned, but the same mix is also released on a Danny Tenaglia remix album (see above). The song has vocals by Tricky and is written by Grace Jones and Tricky.



   Persia White - Mecca
  digital download /  Hybrid Music  / 31. October 2009 
  CD / Hybrid Music  / 8. December 2009 

01. Wanting 3:58
02. Perfect 3:15
03. Receive (feat. Saul Williams) 4:16
04. Pressed Against Gods Thoughts 2:02
05. Haunt 3:02
06. 2 Sea 1:22 
07. Danger (feat. Saul Williams) 3:25
08. Salvation 4:56
09. Tease (feat. Tricky) 3:21
10. Choices (Girlfriends Season Finale song) 2:47
11. Past Mistakes (feat. Tricky) 4:10

Tricky and Persia White played on the TV series "Girlfriends" together. Around that time they also recorded some songs, two of them are released on this album: "Tease" and "Past Mistake". According to Wikipedia both of the songs were also used in Girlfriends!? You can listen to both of the songs on You Tube (click on the song titles above). "Past Mistake" is also released on Tricky's album Knowle West Boy from 2008, but with vocals by Lubna Mhaer. 



  click here to see a bigger picture  INXS: Original Sin
  CD France / Polydor 275 727 0  / 29. November 2010
  CD Canada / Sony Music_886_977_9982_/_2010
CD US / Petrol Electric RH2-527003_/_2011

01. John Farris: Drum Opera 2:56
02. INXS feat. Tricky: Mediate 4.08
03. INXS feat. Rob Thomas & DJ Yaleidys: Original Sin 4:21
04. INXS feat. Ben Harper & Mylene Farmer: Never Tear Us Apart 3:57
05. INXS feat. Pat Monahan: Beautiful Girl 4:08
06. INXS feat. Deborah De Corral: New Sensation 3:42
07. INXS feat. Dan Sultan: Just Keep Walking 2:42
08. INXS feat. Loane: Mystify 5:49
09. INXS feat. Kav Temperley: To Look At You 3:59
10. INXS feat. Nikka Costa: Kick 5:11
11. Andrew Farris & Kirk Pengilly: Don't Change 4:16
12. INXS feat. DJ FOrtune: The Stairs 4:31

On this album INXS recorded their old songs again with other artists. Here's the original version from 1987, if you want to compare them: You Tube. There are three different mixes by Ralphi Rosario of the Tricky track on a promo CD (see promo discography.) and digital download (see below).



  click here to see a bigger picture  INXS feat. Tricky: Mediate
  digital download / Rhino Records no / 20. September 2011

1. Mediate (Ralphi Rosario Vocal) 7:46
2. Mediate (Ralphi Rosario Minimal Vocal/Dub) 7.58
3. Mediate (Ralphi Rosario Radio) 4:05

This download single was released after a promo CD was already out with these three mixes by Ralphi Rosario (see promo discography). You can buy these mixes on iTunes or other places.


  click here to see a bigger picture  I Am Omni: I Am Omni
  digital download / 2011

01. Diamond Hunter (feat. Tiki Lewis) 3:07
02. All Over (feat. Kassia Conway) 3:24
03. Animal (feat. Tiki Lewis) 4:03
04. We Need You (feat. Shingo2) 3:35
05. Power (feat. Jawnee Burkes & Tiki Lewis) 3:10
06. Pangea (feat. Suffa & Chris Clarke) 2:19
07. Magic (feat. Tiki Lewis) 4:11
08. Push Dub (feat. Tiki Lewis) 2:36
09. Give Me The Go 2:37
10. Black & Gold (feat. Tiki Lewis) 4:38

This album is produced by Tricky, you can listen to the songs or buy the album here, naming the price you want to pay. You can also download it here for free. Check out the electroni cpresskit on You Tube, here is another video from a press shoot from 2009. Here is a review of the album.


  click here to see a bigger picture  Sinusoidal feat. Tricky: Come To Me Like A Bird
  not officially released /18. July 2012

Come To Me Like A Bird 4:49

This song is only available on Soundcloud, and though it says "from the forthcoming album" it never made it to the album ('Out Of The Wall' was released in 2011). Tricky met the Polish electronic duo at a concert (photo here on their Facebook page), obviously recorded this song and wanted to promote the band through his label False Idol. But nothing happened and this song was never officially released, unfortunately. The Tricky vocals are the same lyrics as "Come To Me" from Mixed Race, maybe exactly the same vocal?



  click here for a bigger pic  Creep - Call Her
   digital download / CREEP INTL / 4. December 2012 
Call Her (feat. Tricky & Alejandra de la Deheza)  4:09

The song is only released as a single download so far, you can buy it at Amazon or iTunes, for example. It will also be on Creeps new album "Echoes", which will come out on August 13, as you can read here. You can listen to the song on You Tube or Soundcloud.



   Maya Jane Coles - Comfort
  CD UK /  I Am Me  IAMME001CD / 27.6.2013  (left)
  digital download / I Am Me IAMME001D / 28.6.2013 
  2LP /
I Am Me IAMME001V / March 2014
  CD US /  Megaforce Records / 2.7.2013
  Deluxe CD /
I Am Me  IAMME001DD / 25.3.2014 (right)

01. Comfort 4:57
02. Easier To Hide 5:01
03. Burning Bright (feat Kim Ann Foxman) 4:35
04. Dreamer 4:04
05. Blame (feat Nadine Shah) 4:12
06. Stranger 3:13
07. Everything (feat Karin Park) 4:09
08. Fall From Grace (feat Catherine Pockson) 4:58
09. Wait For You (feat Tricky) 3:52
10. When I'm In Love (feat Thomas Knights) 4:30
11. Take A Ride (feat Miss Kittin) 4:05
12. Come Home 3:39

You can listen to the song on You Tube or Soundcloud. Maya Jane Coles also did a remix of a Tricky song a while ago: Time To Dance. The vinyl version and the Deluxe CD have 5 bonus tracks, nothing Tricky-related though.


  click here to see a bigger picture  Francesca Belmonte: Anima 
  CD  / False Idols K7322CD / 29. May 2015
  LP+CD /
False Idols K7322LP + K7332CD / 29. May 2015
  digital download / False Idols / 29. May 2015

01. Intro* 0:39
02. Hiding In The Rushes*** 3:24
03. Stole(with official video) 3:27
04. Keep Moving** 3:52
05. Walk With You** 2:49
06. Lying On The Moon*** 3:03
07. Joker* 2:33
08. Strange Beat** 2:21
09. Brothers & Sisters** 3:20
10. Come Take** 3:04
11. Daisy*3:13
12. Driving**3:19
13. Fast**3:15
14. Your Sons**3:04
15. Are You*(with official video)2:57

* produced by Tricky
* co-written & produced by Tricky
** vocals & co-written & produced by Tricky

This album is by Tricky's longtime vocalist Francesca is produced by Tricky, some songs are also co-written by him, some have vocals by him. Here is Francesca's official website with a couple of videos (Are You, Stole).
The CD comes as a digipak with a booklet including all the lyrics. Besides Tricky there are a couple of other guest vocalists on the album: Mykki Blanco ('Keep Moving') and Francesca's cousin Daisy ('Daisy'), who is 10 years old!
You can listen to some songs on Soundcloud or even download a song package here (including Hiding In The Rushes, Stole, It Ain't Me Babe). The last song didn't make it to the album, unfortunately.


  click here to see a bigger picture  Francesca Belmonte: Anima (Deluxe Edition)
  CD  / False Idols K7322CDX / 27. November 2015
digital download / False Idols / 27. November 2015

01. Intro* 0:39
02. Hiding In The Rushes*** 3:24
03. Stole* (with official video) 3:27
04. Keep Moving** 3:52
05. Walk With You**  (with official video) 2:49
06. Lying On The Moon*** 3:03
07. Joker* 2:33
08. Strange Beat** 2:21
09. Brothers & Sisters** 3:20
10. Come Take** 3:04
11. Daisy*3:13
12. Driving**3:19
13. Fast**3:15
14. Your Sons**3:04
15. Are You**  (with official video)2:57
16. Keep Moving (Tricky Remix) 3:15
17. We Begin****3:20
18. House Of The Rising Sun 1:57
19. Are You (Bwana Remix)**8:07

* produced by Tricky
* co-written & produced by Tricky
** vocals & co-written & produced by Tricky
*** vocals by Tricky (produced? written?)

This album has 4 bonus tracks compared to the regular edition (see above). One of them is a Tricky remix of 'Keep Moving'. 'We Begin' has Tricky vocals and is already released on his album 'Skilled Mechanics' as a shorter version (only 1:35 minutes long).


  click here to see more pics  Massive Attack: Ritual Spirit EP
  digital download / Virgin Records / 28. January 2016
12" Europe / Virgin Records VST 2129 / 4. March 2016 (lim. heavyweight grey vinyl)


1. Dead Editors (feat. Roots Manuva)
2. Ritual Spirit (feat. Azekel)
3. Voodoo In My Blood (feat. Young Fathers)
4. Take It There (feat. Tricky & 3D) 4:31

This is the first track Tricky did with Massive since 1994! Probably it was recorded in 2012 in Paris, as 3D posted this picture with him and Tricky recording. In an interview with Resident Advisor Tricky said that he is thinking about letting them release the track or not. Obviously he decided to do it!
There's also a video for the song (go to the videography for details, watch it on Vevo or You Tube). You can buy the download version of the EP on Amazon, iTunes or other places, it's also on Spotify. It was later released as a VERY limited edition 12" with handfinished covers on February 3 (see below) and then as a regular 12" on March 4. Click here for more pictures of regular release, which seems to be limited also (at least that's what Juno says here). As you can read on Pitchfork, another EP and album will be released later this year. It doesn't say if there will be any more tracks with Tricky.
The release of this EP came as a surprise and very quick, the story behind it is this: On January 20 Massive Attack released an interactive iPhone app that features snippets of the four tracks from the EP. The app is called Fantom and with it you can remix the tracks, read more about it here. 3D also hinted to a physical release of the original mixes on an EP called "Ritual Spirit" by posting a picture of the vinyl cover on Intagram. Then on January 22 the EP leaked already: this website says that a dutch online store (Mega Media) accidentily sold the download. They removed it quickly, but some people were able to buy it. So probably they decided to release it very quickly afterwards. 

Tricky performed the track live with Massive Attack in Berlin on February 18, as a guest at the Massive Attack concert. You can watch their performance on You Tube. The day before they also played in Berlin, but without Tricky. Martina took over his part with different lyrics, you can watch that video here.


  click here to see more pics  Massive Attack: Ritual Spirit EP (lim. 12")
  lim. 12" (300 copies) / Virgin Records VST 2129 / 3. February 2016


1. Dead Editors (feat. Roots Manuva)
2. Ritual Spirit (feat. Azekel)
3. Voodoo In My Blood (feat. Young Fathers)
4. Take It There (feat. Tricky & 3D) 4:31

This is the first track Tricky did with Massive since 1994! It was released on January 28 as a digital download (see above). On February 3 it was released physically on a very limited 12", which has a complicated story behind it: The release is limited to 300 copies: 200 were sold at the launch of the Ritual Spirit exhibition at the Lazarides Editions gallery in London on February 3, with 4 different sleeves (so each sleeve-design limited to 50). These 200 were hand-finished by 3D and therefore each sleeve is unique. Here you can read about this event and see some photos of 3D working on the sleeves, also hereThe exhibition was then moved to The Store in Berlin from February 17 to 20, where the other 100 were sold, as you can here (Massive Attack played two gigs in Berlin on February 17 and 18).
It says here that there were 6 different sleeves (
6 times 5 is 300, so it would make sense), but I think that they didn't sell completely different designs at The Store in Berlin, because I saw one on ebay that looked like one from London. I've gathered some pics of the different sleeves and vinyls here. It was released as a regular, not limited 12", later on March 4 (see above), you can order it here
Tricky performed the track live with Massive Attack in Berlin on February 18, as a guest at the Massive Attack concert. You can watch their performance on
You Tube. The day before they also played in Berlin, but without Tricky. Martina took over his part with different lyrics, you can watch that video here.


  click here to see a bigger picture  Tony Tonite: Awake
  digital download / Gazgolder Records (not / 10. June 2016


1. I Believe 3:03
2. Cold Star 3:55
3. Ayayay (feat. Soul Surfers) 2:59
4. Am in Love* 3:52
5. Lonely Queen*3:51
6. One Eye Evil*3:41
7. God Love Us3:14
8. Revelation4:04
9. Don't Scare (feat. Tricky)**3:50
10. Ring Them Bells3:03
11. I Tell U What3:10
12. London7:40
13. If3:25
14. My Only (feat. Tati)3:46
15. U Only U3:22

* produced by Tricky ???
* vocals by Tricky

This album by Belarus rapper Tony Tonite has one track with Tricky's vocals. Maybe some tracks are produced by him, because Wasabeat lists these songs as "feat. Tricky", but this is the only website, so I don't know. You can buy the album on iTunes or other places or listen to the whole album on Soundcloud. Here is the official website of Tony Tonite, here is his Facebook page and here is a photo with him and Tricky back in 2014.


  click here to see a bigger picture  Massive Attack feat. James Massiah: Dear Friend
  lim. 12" / Virgin, Battle Box VF250, BB005 / 3. September 2016 (blue vinyl, 300 numbered copies)
lim. 12" / Virgin, Battle Box VF250, BB005 / 30. September 2016 (blue vinyl, 700 unnumbered copies)


A. Dear Friend (feat. James Massiah)
B. Dear Friend (feat. James Massiah)  music: Take It There Instr.

There are no Tricky vocals on there, but the b-side uses the instrumental of "Take It There", which is also written by Tricky (released in january, see above). That's why he's credited as a writer here, too ("written by Thaws, Dickinson, Massiah, Del Naja"). The vinyl is labeled wrong, so the b-side is labeled as the a-side and viceversa, as you read in the comments on
This vinyl is limited to 1.000 copies: 300 (numbered) were sold at their Bristol show on September 3, 700 (unnumbered) were sold later online, as you can also read on
"Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies sold exclusively at the Massive Attack The Downs concert Bristol UK, Saturday 3rd September 2016. Due to poor weather conditions at the concert the remaining vinyl were later sold at Friendly Records and Idle Hands (both independent record shops in Bristol) for the same price of £20.00 and limited to one per person.
A further 700 un-numbered copies (Massive Attack Feat. James Massiah* - Dear Friend) were later sold through The Vinyl Factory website on 30 Sep 2016, stating this is limited to 1000 copies."

The vinyl was sold at the Vinyl Factory for £20, but of course  it sold out in a few hours. A digital version will probably be released later, as you can read here.


  click here to see a bigger picture  Wax Taylor: By Any Beats Necessary
  CD UK / Le Plan LPL 034 CD / 14. October 2016 (digipak)
  2CD UK / Lab'Oratoire Le Plan / 14. October 2016 (deluxe digipak)
LP / Le Plan LPL 034 / 14. October 2016
  2LP / Lab'Oratoire LAB'030 Le Plan LPL 034 / 14. October 2016 (gatefold, coloured vinyl)
  digital download / Le Plan / 14. October 2016


01. Hit The Road (Intro) 0:36
02. I Had A Woman 2:39
03. For The Worst (feat. Idil)3:49
04. Back on Wax (feat. Token, A-F-R-O, R.A. The Ragged Man)3:22
05. My Burn (feat. Sarah Genn)3:41
06. Ecstasy3:01
07. The Chase (feat. Raashan Ahmad, Mattic)3:15
08. Clock Tick3:29
09. The Road Is Ruff (feat. Lee Fields)3:46
10. Bleed Away (feat. Tricky & Charlotte Savary)  3:23
11. Diggin Saloon2:42
12. Buckwild (feat. Idil)3:42
13. Worldwide (feat. Ghostface Killah)2:33
14. The Phonograph2:11

Tricky recorded a track with french artist Wax Taylor, additional vocals are by french folk singer Charlotte Savary. You can listen to the album on Spotify, Deezer or other platforms following this link or buy it at iTunes, the official webshop or other places. You can also listen to the track "Bleed Away" on You Tube (but it doesn't work in Germany, so I can't check).

There is also a 2CD digipak version, the second CD contains Instrumentals of all the tracks except the Intro. The webshop HHV says: "
The Deluxe Digipack Edtion contains a 12 page booklet and a special packaging". There is also a special double LP edition with a gatefold cover, coloured vinyl and a slipmat (see discogs here). 


  click here to see a bigger picture  Ghostface Killah: The Lost Tapes
  digital / X-Ray Records CLO1013 / 5. October 2018
  LP UK / X-Ray Records / 5. October 2018 (gold vinyl, limited to 500)
CD UK / Daupe! DM-SP-039CD / 5. October 2018 (with 6 page booklet, limited)
CD US / X-Ray Records / 5. October 2018 (digipak, with EP & poster for the first 1000)
  MC UK / Daupe! DM-SP-039C / 5. October 2018 (limited to 480)
MC Japan / ? / ? (limited to 20)
  LP Japan / ? /12. November 2018 (limited to 40)
  LP UK / ? / 12. November 2018 (glow in the dark vinyl, limited to 250)
  LP UK / ? / 12. November 2018 (silver, white, yellow vinyl, each limited to 1.500)


01. Introduction 1:47
02. Buckingham Palace (feat. KXNG Crooked, Benny The Butcher & .38 Spesh)3:16
03. Majestic Accolades (feat. Planet Asia & Hus Kingpin)4:02
04. Cold Crush (feat. LA The Darkman, Ras Kass, Chris Rivers & Harley)4:42
05. Put The Ghostface on It (Interlude 1)1:04
06. Saigon Velour (feat. Snoop Dogg & E-40)3:34
07. Constant Struggle (feat. Killah Priest & Bishop Lamont)3:48
08. Done It Again (feat. Big Daddy Kane, Cappadonna, Styliztik Jones & Harley)5:24
09. Reflections of C.R.E.A.M. (Interlude 2)1:16
10. Watch ‘Em Holla (feat. Raekwon, Masta Killa, Cappadonna & DJ Grouch) 3:49
11. I Think I Saw A Ghost (feat. Sheek Louch, Vic Spencer, Reignwolf & Luke Holland)4:26
12. Outroduction (feat. Mike Rappaport)1:11
13. Saigon Velour (Remix) (feat. Snoop Dogg, E-40 & Tricky) (Bonus Track)4:19

Tricky is featured as a guest on the bonus track, a remix of "Saigon Velour". You can listen to the track on You Tube, buy the album in several formats at Bandcamp. I don't know who did the remix.
Every release also comes with a digial download. Most of the limited stuff is sold out, only the silver, white and yellow vinyl and the UK cassette are still available.
The US CD version comes with a 5 track EP, you can order it on the official website (go here). You can read on Soundcloud that this is limited to 1000 copies and will also include an autographed poster "and more". The tracks on the bonus EP are:
Saigon Velour (Embassy Mix) (feat. Snoop Dogg, E-40 & L.A.D.)
2. Saigon Velour (G Mix) (feat. Snoop Dogg, E-40, L.A.D. & Compton Menace)
3. I Think I Saw A Ghost (Showtme Mix) (feat. Sheek Louch, Vic Spencer, Reignwolf & Luke Holland)
4. I Think I Saw A Ghost (Wiseman Mix) (feat. Sheek Louch, Vic Spencer &Reignwolf) [Prod. by Bronze Nazareth]
5. I Think I Saw A Ghost (Propane Mix) (feat. Sheek Louch, Vic Spencer & Reignwolf) [Prod. by Agallah]


  click here to see a bigger picture  Trentemøller feat. Tricky: No one quite like you
  digital download / In My Room IMR40DS / 2. July 2021


01. No One Quite Like You (feat. Tricky) 4:55
02. Vespertine4:59

You can buy the track at Bandcamp or other places. Trentem
øller also did a remix for Tricky, for the song 'Like a stone', released on the "Fall to pieces remix EP" in March. (see solo discography here)


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