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Bring you near
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The announced Obia EP will be released on September 30! A first track was published yesterday on Noisey: a new version of "Does It" (from False Idols) with Casisdead. You can preorder the EP here for 6 €, you will get "Does It" now and the rest on September 30. Other artists on the EP are Kiko King & Creativemaze, two Russian rappers (WOODJU and Syava) and Euanwhosarmy, some tracks are old and even already released (click on the links below to listen to them).
The tracklist is:
1. Damballah (by WOODJU, although not mentioned, free download here) 
2. Euanwhosarmy feat. Lyndsey Lupe - For Nothing
3. Syava - Nenaviju Izmenu
4. Kiko King & creativemaze - Tin Man
5. Tricky feat. CASISDEAD - Does It 
6. Kiko King & creativemaze - Wolves
7. WOODJU - Irradiant

Kiko King & Creativemaze are on Tricky's label 'False Idols' and they mentioned this EP on stage when opening for Massive Attack in Berlin on July 5. You can watch the announcement yourself in this little promo / backstage video on You Tube. The song in the beginning isn't on the EP, although the vocals sound a lot like Tricky!? The track is called "Illusions of time" (Soundcloud), already released in 2014 on an EP called  "Intellect Illuminated" (on vinyl and as download, go to Amazon or other places to buy it). It doesn't say if Tricky is on it, so probably not. Also "Wolves" from the Obia EP is on that EP. Even "Tin Man" is an older track, you can already listen to them on You Tube: Tin Man, Wolves. Here is a video of an interview they did on Flux FM, they also talk about Tricky and this EP (it will also feature two Russian rappers, probably Syava and Woodju). Here is the audio of the interview on the Flux FM website, which has better audio quality than the video.

Tricky returned to Instagram a while ago! He announced with this post that he will release a book with pictures and words soon: "Book soon words and pics photos by me and mr jaffe the legend who moved to Jamaica to work with bob Marley and took his most iconic pics jaffe followed me around for two years capturing family and friends WORDS WITH PHOTOS". Mr. Jaffe is Lee Jaffe, who also co-directed the Brown Punk movie with Tricky. Here are some photos from that time on his official website (about 90 or so, if you click through them!), probably some of them will end up in the book.
Although an EP called "Obia" was announced for September 16 it wasn't released. At least I couldn't find anything about it. Obia is also the name of his clothing line in cooperation with Jaga Buyan. You can buy it here. It seems a new item was added since I last checked: a scarf.

Tricky has been unusually quiet on Instagram for a week, very weird! Maybe he wanted to hide the fact that he performs with Massive Attack (it was announced earlier that he will join them for some shows on their summer tour). I found evidence of at least two shows, where he performed "Take It There" with them:
- August 27: Rock En Seine, Paris (see this video on You Tube)
- August 28: Sint-Pietersplein, Ghent (see this 
And what was rumoured before is now official: he will also be at their Bristol Show on September 3, as you can see on this flyer, which states "Massive Attack feat. Tricky & Young Fathers".
I've added all these dates to the tourdates and concertography.

According to this weird little article in The Obeserver (also in the print edition) Tricky will release a new EP on September 16 called "Obia" (already the name of his clothing line). He is also part of a film called "Gary Numan: Android in La La Land", a documentary about Gary Numan, which will be in UK cinemas from August 26 on. According to the official website it will also be released on DVD or Blu Ray later this year. I couldn't find out if the film uses Tricky's music or if he is actually in it. Maybe they did an interview with him or something, I guess we'll have to wait and see the movie!
[Thanks to Dimiter for this info!]

A rapper from Belarus named Tony Tonite released an album containing one song with Tricky. The name of the album is "Awake" and it was released on June 10 on Gazgolder Records (see official website here). You can listen to the whole album on Soundcloud or buy the tracks on Wasabeat or iTunes. Some tracks say that they feature Tricky (according to Wasabeat, but it could be a mistake), but only one has his vocals: "Don't scare" (listen to it on Soundcloud). I've added the album to the collaborations discography.
[Thanks to Christer for this info!]

11. JULY 2016 - US TOUR
The official Tricky website has now published all the US tourdates in October! Check out the tourdates for details.

Tricky will play at the "Pure & Connected" Festival in Berlin on August 13 - a festival for music and motorcycles!!! Here is the official website. Also another US date is added (San Francisco on October 23), see tourdates.

It seems a US tour is in the works! There are already four dates set, I found them on Facebook:
October 22: Los Angeles (Facebook)
October 27: Philadelphia (Facebook)
October 28: New York (Facebook)
October 29: Cambridge (Facebook)
Check out the tourdates for details. And let's hops there will be no visa problems this time!

Tricky joined Massive Attack at their concert in Berlin last night! But only for one song, "Take it there". It would have been great if they also did Karmacoma for example. The performance was ok, but nothing special. Here is a review (in German).
Most interesting detail I've learnt: Kiko King & Creativemaze (support act yesterday and also at the last Tricky tour and part of his False Idols label) will release an EP with Tricky in September! They announced it yesterday on stage, you can also watch it at this backstage promo video. The music in the beginning could already be a track of that EP, because it has Tricky's voice, if I'm not mistaken!

Last Friday Massive Attack played at the London Hyde Park Festival, with Tricky as special guest! They performed only one song together though: "Take it there" from the recent Ritual Spirit EP. A rare treat was also "Eurochild" from Protection, which Massive Attack didn't perform live in 20 years! It was dedicated to the recent Brexit and 3D made his oppinion very clear: "As sons of immigrants, we are both very disappointed with the situation. We can’t allow ourselves to fall victim to the populist bullshit going on at the moment. We can’t let the bigots and racists back into this situation. It’s bullshit.". You can watch these two performances on You Tube, check out Fact Magazine for the links. Massive Attack announced earlier that Tricky will join them on some more concerts this summer. I'm really hoping for their Berlin concert tonight!!! I can tell more tomorrow :) Probably he will also join them in Bristol at the end of their summer tour (September 3, Clifton Downs). Unfortunately Martina isn't performing with them on this tour, it seems. And Horace Andy broke a leg, so I don't know if he will continue the tour (see a video from the London show on You Tube).

Tricky will join Massive Attack live at the British Summer Time Hyde Park Festival on July 1 in London, as you can read here. Apparently more shows like this will happen: "We’re pleased to announce that Tricky will be joining us on stage for a few shows this summer – the first one being BST Hyde Park on July 1st."
[Thanks to Jonathan for this info!]
According to Songkick Tricky will also play the Tbilisi Open Air Festival in Georgia on July 31. Here is the full line-up.

Tricky posted this photo on Instagram, revealing that he will play a part in the upcoming movie "Ghost In The Shell"!!! It is directed by Rupert Sanders, the main character is played by Scarlett Johansson and the release date is May 31, 2017 (according to imdb)! Tricky is playing Pazu, as he said in another Instagram post.

The bonus track of the Japanese version of Skilled Mechanics - "Waiting for hours" - is now on Soundcloud, go here to listen to it! Probably it will be removed in the future, as these tracks are normally just there for a certain time...
Also check out Thorben's new instagram account where he's showing his Tricky collection, from CDs and DVDs to all kings of collectors items: tricky_stuff!

Tricky's concert tonight in Hannover is moved from Chez Heinz to Pavillon! You can still buy tickets. As for all German shows the support act will be Kiko King & Creativemaze from Tricky's False Idols label, you can check them out on Soundcloud ot their official website.

Apparently some days ago (on March 25) a remix EP with two remixes was released as a download single! It contains the following tracks:
How's Your Life (Huxley Remix)
2. Boy (Riddla Remix)
You can buy it at iTunes, Juno or other places, it's also on Spotify. Both remixes are also streamed on Soundcloud (click on the titles above to go there). I've added the EP to the discography.
[Thanks to Christer for letting me know about this release!]

The "Ritual Spirit" EP from Massive Attack (with the Tricky collaboration 'Take It There') was released on a very limited 12"! As you can read on discogs: "Limited to 300 pressings worldwide.
This particular sleeve is one of the 200 limited run that was only available at the launch of the Ritual Spirit exhibition which opened on February 3rd 2016 at the Lazirides Editions gallery in London. The run of 200 pressings was split into 4 editions with 4 different sleeve designs.
Each sleeve is actually only 1 of 50 produced which was hand finished and numbered at the gallery studios by 3D (Robert Del Naja) himself and therefore each sleeve is unique." See pictures of 3D working on the sleeves here.
The other 100 were sold at "The Store" in Berlin, where the exhibition was shown from February 17-20. I've added it to the collaborations discography and also added some pictures of the different sleeves here. Copies are sold for about 500€ now! But it will be released as a regular, not limited version on March 4 (and already released digitally for a while)!
And in case you haven't read my post on Facebook: Tricky performed the song with Massive Attack on February 18 at their concert in Berlin! You can watch a video of it on You Tube. The day before they also played in Berlin, but without Tricky. Martina took over his part with different lyrics, you can watch that video here.
Last but not least here is a TV interview with 3D, where he talks about Tricky and the "Take It There" video at the end (the main character struggles with his inner demons and that could be a symbol of 3D's and Tricky's conflicts in their relationship, if I understood correctly). 

This is old news, but I stumbled across an old interview from 2002 where Tricky talks about starring in the film "Red Light Runners" (read it here). I totally forgot about the movie and tried to find out more about it today. To make a long story short: the movie was never finished and released due to financing problems, you can watch a trailer here and a short part of it here.
First of all, here's what we get to know from the interview: Tricky explained how he got involved in it: 
"I was in the office of this tv ad company talking to somebody and this lady come out (she knew who I was) and said 'Oh, my husband is doing a movie and I think you should be in it'". He states that at first he didn't want to do it because he had bad experiences before (in "The 5th Element"), but then the director (Nick Egan) was so nice and cool that he did it. The film was "like a heist film, with us robbing The Millennium Dome, it's a bit strange, it's a very weird movie with a lot of different characters in it together, like Peter O'Toole, Harvey Keitel, Michael Madsen and Killien Murphy, so quite an odd bunch." He described his role like this: "They've got me playing this getaway driver- the guy actually wrote the character for me after hanging out with me, so it's like me playing me really, I get to smoke weed and drive around in a car being me." I've read here that the filming stopped in 2003, because the film was "snagged by finance". Although on this website it seems that it was played in cinemas in 2004! And there's even a trailer for it on Vimeo (you can see Tricky for a couple of seconds), also on Nick Egan's official websiteI found this in-depth description of filming from the writer, and it seems that they didn't get financed and then stopped to film (funnily is post was written just some days ago!). So I guess this is another unreleased project with Tricky involved that we will never see...

The video for 'Boy' is out today! It is directed by Tricky and Darrel Pursey, starring Ben Ferris and filmed in Knowle West. It has a short appearance of Tricky and a cameo from Whitley, who is also mentioned in the lyrics and obviously a long time friend of Tricky! You can watch it on You Tube or Vimeo.

Not only Maxinquaye got a new release, but also Pre Millenium Tension! An "expanded issue" CD will be released by Cherry Red Records on March 11 (although all shops say March 18). Here is their official website with more details about the release. It is remastered, has a "sleeve essay from Record Collector’s Paul McGuinness" (whatever that is) and has 5 bonus tracks:
- Flynn [from Christiansands single]
- Devils' Helper 
[from Grassroots EP]
- Grass Roots [from Grassroots EP & Tricky Kid CD 2 & 12"]
- Makes Me Wanna Die (Tricky's Extremix) [from Tricky Kid CD 2 & 12"]
- Piano (The Green Stinky Mix) [by A Guy Called Gerald, from Makes Me Wanna Die CD 2] 





    the future    

TRICKY: OBIA EP (30. September 2016)
This little article by The Observer mentioned that Tricky will release an EP called "Obia" on September 16, but the release date is now changed to September 30. You can hear one track on Noisey: Does It (feat. Casisdead). You can preorder the EP here for 6 €, you will get "Does It" now and the rest on September 30. The tracklist is:
1. Damballah (by WOODJU, although not mentioned, free download here) 
2. Euanwhosarmy feat. Lyndsey Lupe - For Nothing
3. Syava - Nenaviju Izmenu
4. Kiko King & creativemaze - Tin Man
5. Tricky feat. CASISDEAD - Does It 
6. Kiko King & creativemaze - Wolves
7. WOODJU - Irradiant
Kiko King & Creativemaze are on Tricky's label 'False Idols' and they mentioned this EP on stage when opening for Massive Attack in Berlin on July 5. You can watch the announcement yourself in this little promo / backstage video on You Tube. The song in the beginning isn't on the EP, although the vocals sound a lot like Tricky!? The track is called "Illusions of time" (Soundcloud), already released in 2014 on an EP called  "Intellect Illuminated" (on vinyl and as download, go to Amazon or other places to buy it). It doesn't say if Tricky is on it, so probably not. Also "Wolves" from the Obia EP is on that EP. Even "Tin Man" is an older track, you can already listen to them on You Tube: Tin Man, Wolves. Here is a video of an interview they did on Flux FM, they also talk about Tricky and this EP (it will also feature two Russian rappers, probably Syava and Woodju). Here is the audio of the interview on the Flux FM website, which has better audio quality than the video.

TRICKY: BOOK (2016?)
Tricky announced in this Instagram post that he will release a book with pictures and words soon: "Book soon words and pics photos by me and mr jaffe the legend who moved to Jamaica to work with bob Marley and took his most iconic pics jaffe followed me around for two years capturing family and friends WORDS WITH PHOTOS".

Tricky mentioned in a radio interview with Flux FM (listen to it here) that he wants to release a follow up album to Skilled Mechanics with Luke Harris and various guests.

Tricky mentioned in an interview with Red Bull in 2015 that he recorded songs with two Russian rappers (Human Skills Of Slow Saga). In an interview with Flux FM (listen to it here) he says he definitely wants to finish this project in 2016.

unreleased projects that the world is still waiting for:

In this interview Tricky mentions that he wants to release a cover album with songs by The Breeders and Kim Deal. Also the biography on the official website mentions a cover album (last checked in September 2014): "There are more projects on the way including a covers record (his first since Nearly God) and Francesca Belmonte’s debut album." He already played one song live at a lot of shows: "Do you love me now".

As you can read here, Terry Lynn was supposed to release an album in 2011. The article said: "The album will also feature tracks produced by Tricky", but the album is not released yet. Here you can read that one track was used in a TV series called "Nikita", the name of the song is "In this time", you can see the short scene of the TV series on Vimeo.

Tricky said 2008 in a video interview that he wants to release a double album, for which he already has material: one album with cover songs and the other with new songs. Since the album "Mixed Race" is just a "normal" album, this is probably not happening.

As you can read in an interview on Exclaim Tricky has finished an album called 'Nearly Goddess' in 2003 (referring to his 1996 album 'Nearly God') and features 14 female singers: Kelis, PJ Harvey, Miss Medusa, to name a few... Tricky said on (not online anymore): "It’s more electronica and I’m using samples. I did the album in like three days. It worried me but then I listened back and I thought, ‘nah, you can’t recognize any of these samples, it’s alright!" It should be out in 2003, but never has up to now.
Probably it is the same album that was mentioned earlier on Princess Superstar's official site (the article is not online anymore) and on I like music: "Princess also just dropped some vocals on Tricky's new benefit record to fight breast cancer (also featuring Ms. Kittin and Medusa) which will be out sometime in 2003."

This is another album that Tricky recorded in 2003, with Rodigan (Radagon? Rodagan?) from Jamaica. It is "the album I would have done if I hadn’t been in Massive Attack", Tricky told Burn It Blue. The name can be explained easily: "Jamaican kids, they don’t call me Tricky, they call me Tricka. It’s an album with me and this Jamaican kid (Rodigan), so it’s kind of like reggae, two tone and hip hop.” Two songs with Rodigan (although he is written Radagon on the Vulnerable cover) will be released as bonus tracks on 'Vulnerable' ("Receive Us" on the DVD and "Snap Them" on the enhanced CD). One track of the two will be released on the 'Back To Mine' compilation on September 15 (see above).

Tricky's autobiography 'All I hear is words' was announced to be released with a CD of unreleased tracks. But it seems it won't be published. Check out the 'All I hear is words' page for more details.

Tricky said in a chat at the (1999) that he will release a live album, maybe even with some video material. According to a post from Tricky's PR rep on the Apocalypse message board (which is not online anymore) the live album should be released in summer 2001, but it never happened so far.

Tricky did a remix of this song, but it is not released yet. It should be on a 12", but it is not known when or where this will be released.

Tricky will produce Hakwman's debut album. Tricky told a fan at a concert. that it will be released in January 2001, but it hasn't happened yet...  

According to Billboard Tricky will work with his younger brothers Aaron and Marlon on this project. Marlon also was on tour with Tricky in summer 2001 and did a remix of 'Evolution Revolution Love' (which can be found as a bonus track on Blowback or on the promo 12").

According to an interview on German TV in August 1999 (listen to it here) Tricky has recorded an album with the title 'Street Dog and Scrappy Love'. An article in the British magazine Hip Hop Connection (HHC) confirms this and says further that it was recorded with Mad Dog, the British rapper who also contributed vocals to Juxtapose. In an interview with a dutch magazine Tricky said that it is very much just improvization by the two, and it won't be released in the near future, though, since they both focus on their own projects.

According to a small article in the July 1999 issue of the German Visions magazine Tricky and DJ Muggs wanted to release an album under the name "Stonepony" in autumn 99. (Read a detailed interview with both of them in the April Raygun article!) But according to Allstar News he album was cancelled and won't be released: > ...after a meeting with Lyor Cohen, Co-President, Island/Def Jam Music Group, Tricky decided that the sonic sum of his work with Muggs wasn't as hip-hop as he wanted it to be ... <

Tricky said that he recorded an album with his Drunkenstein project: UK rappers (Tricky, Rodney and MC Mello) and US counterparts (Rock, Storm and Papa D) with original Massive member DJ Milo. He played a demo to a journalist in November 1996 (NME), but it was never released. In a TV documentary rom 1996 called "Sounds of the West" you can see Rock and Milo talk about it and hear a track in the background ("God's Bass", released as a bootleg 12", see promo discography), starting at about at about 14 minutes.

As MTV reported in 1997 Tricky recorded a song with Finley Quaye and Iggy Pop called "Please share my dappy umbrella". Finley Quaye said: ""Iggy just came down because he was a friend of Tricky's. Tricky and myself were just having a jam, really, at the studio. So we got the three of us set up on three different microphones and a couple of hip hop djs twisting their art on the desk. And we got a good evening."
Maybe this was made up, the title sounds a littly sappy and Tricky is not really friends with Finley Quaye, who claimed to be his uncle once, which led to the bootleg Can't Freestyle.

Tricky remixed this song (read about in Blah Magazine), but it is not released anywhere. Tricky played the song on a radio show in 1999 once.






    the past    

Tricky will play live at the BBC 6 Music Festival in Bristol on February 13. There will not only be Bristolian music at that festival, but also a lot more going on. For example they will show the (brilliant!) Tricky documentary "Naked and Famous" on February 14 at The Watershed (14.30). The director Mark Kidel will even introduce the film, as you can read here. They will also show the live part that was broadcasted afterwards (Shepherds Bush Empire, London, 16. April 1997). The documentary was shown on TV a couple of times and later released on the 'Ruff Guide' DVD without the live part (see discography here).
And on another note: you can win 2 tickets for Tricky's concert in Berlin here. But hurry up, the deadline is February 10.

Tricky posted on Instagram that a remix of 'Boy' by DJ Riddla is out. You can listen to it on Noisey. I don't know if it will be officially released, but Tricky said in an interview that Boy will be the next single, so maybe it will be a b-side...
There were also two more concerts added to the European tour: Brussels on April 11 and Amsterdam on April 12, go to the tourdates to see all. [Thanks for Ferdinand for this info!]

Tricky hosted the radio show 6 Mix on BBC 6 back in 2014. Because of the upcoming BBC 6 Festival in Bristol they are streaming it again, together with the 6 Mix of Massive Attack. You can listen to the show here until February 29. Tricky plays songs and explains their influence on him. Here is the playlist back from 2014, October 31. The original Tricky show was 2 hours, now they are only playing the first hour, unfortunately. I've added it to Tricky radio, also added an older radio show called "Loveline" which is really funny, so check it out.
And on a side note: it seems the Japanese release of 'Skilled Mechanics' with the bonus track 'Waiting For Hours' is postponed to February 20, at least that's what they say here (now they say February 10).

Massive Attack's EP 'Ritual Spirit' was released today as a download version. It has a track with Tricky on it ('Take it there') and even a video for it (watch it on Vevo or You Tube, it is directed by Hiro Murai). You can buy the download on Amazon, iTunes or other places, it's also on Spotify. A double vinyl version will be released on March 4, you can already preorder it here. And as you can read on Pitchfork, another EP and album will be released later this year. It doesn't say if there will be any more tracks with Tricky. I've added 'Ritual Spirit' to the collaborations discography.

Massive Attack released an interactive iPhone app (for iPhone 5s and upwards) that features a track with Tricky! The app is called Fantom and with it you can remix 4 tracks, read more about it here. One of the tracks is a collaboration with Tricky and called "Take It There". 3D also hinted to a physical release of the original mixes on an EP called "Ritual Spirit". He posted a picture of a vinyl cover on Intagram. Apparently it has leaked already, and here's why: this website says that a dutch online store (Mega Media) accidentily sold the download. They removed it now, but some people were able to buy it. The official release is rumoured to be this Friday or next.
Maybe the track was recorded by Tricky and 3D in Paris in 2012 (see a photo here), maybe it's the one he talked about in the Resident Advisor interview, who knows...

The Japanese version of 'Skilled Mechanics' will be released on January 27. Usually Japanese CD have a bonus track, I think this time it's "Waiting For Hours" (see this online store). I think there will be a download code for this unreleased track, but I can't confirm it for sure. The song was probably recorded in 2012 or 2013, since it was used in Tricky's short film "Sophie Sees" (details are here). You can listen to parts of the song on You Tube (at 8:43 minutes).
Also check out a long interview with Tricky on Resident Advisor.

'Tricky presents Skilled Mechanics' is released today! I've gathered all the necessary infos on the Skilled Mechanics mini site and the discography. More will follow in the next days (lyrics, samples, cover scans...). Feel free to share your oppinions about the albums on my Facebook page.

Tricky starts his European tour today in Istanbul! He has a new guitarist, Paul Noels, as he mentions in an interview with 030 Magazin (read it here, in German, they write Noel, but it should be Noels). I've added him to the musicians page.

Tricky did some German radio interviews lately: one on FluxFM (you can listen on Soundcloud, all in English). Most interesting news from the Flux FM interviews:
- Skilled Mechanics are Tricky and Luke Harris (I thought DJ Milo was more a "regular member" than a guest)
- they want to release a second album next year with different guests
- the track with Oh Land is 6 years old and was recorded for her album, but because she was dropped from her record label he could use the song
- he wants to finish his project with Russian rappers this year (or next year)
The other interview was on
Deutschlandradio (you can listen to it when you click on "Beitrag hören", unfortunately it is dubbed in German). It's not as interesting, but during the interview you can hear the track "Bother" with Luke Harris!!! (starting at about 7.35 min left)

17. JANUARY 2016 - BOOK
Tricky posted on Instagram that he's working on a book right now: "Finishing the book life pics family pics, words and lyrics from past till present." Sounds good, but from 1998 to 2002 a book was planned to be released, which never happened (take a look at the history of it here). Let's hope it will happen this time!

Tricky shared a new track today: 'Boy' (listen to it on You Tube or Soundcloud). The lyrics are autobiographical, "everything on that track is true. Every word on ‘Boy’ is actual fact." (Spin) The song is taken from the forthcoming album 'Skilled Mechanics' which will be relased next Friday (January 22).

The Deluxe Edition of Francesca's solo album "Anima" is out today! It has 4 bonus tracks. One of them is a Tricky remix of "Keep Moving" and another one is "We Begin", which will also be on the Skilled Mechanics album. So you have a chance to buy it now (for example on Beatport). Although maybe it's a different version, because "We Begin" from Skilled Mechanics is only 1:35 long, while Francesca's version is 3:20. I've also added the album to the collaborations discography.

There is new Obia clothing in the store of the official Tricky website. And you can win a t-shirt, just like Tricky's post on Instagram and write a comment.

Two gigs in December are postponed to January: Split (January 28) and Zagreb (January 29), here is the Facebook event. Maybe also the other tourdates will move to January? Maybe they want to wait until the album is released? I've updated the tourdates.

Tricky already shared the track "Diving Away" on Soundcloud and You Tube and you can buy it on Amazon and iTunes. But on Soundcloud it is mentioned that the release date is January 18. Maybe it will be released on CD or vinyl? I've added the single to the discography and the lyrics. Tricky also mentioned yesterday on Instagram that a video will be out next week! The song is a cover of 'Porpoise Head' by Porno For Pyros, you can listen to the original on You Tube for a little compare and contrast. Tricky explains why he chose that song to cover:
"I toured with them in Australia in 1996. My daughter Mazy, who was about four years of age, was with us and she had frontman Perry Farrell wrapped round her little finger. He took all of us to Sealand in Australia. So there was me and Porno For Pyros all trying to get her pram onto the Australian metro. But how many big artists would do something beautiful like that? I think it speaks volumes about him. So I’ve got a lot of love for Perry Farrell and I’ve always wanted to cover one of his songs." (official press release / Stereogum)
By the way: it doesn't look like Tricky is in Australia for the Cafe Del Mar concert, so that was just a wrong announcement!

It's a bit weird that the official Tricky website and Songkick mention no upcoming shows! By accident I stumbled upon a lot of tour dates on DJ Milo's website. I've updated the tourdates, here's the full list from Milo:
Nov. 30 Bratislava
Dec. 01 Budapest
Dec. 03 Zagreb - postponed to January 29
Dec. 04 Split
- postponed to January 28
Dec. 06 Belgrade
Dec. 09 Istanbul
Dec. 10 Thessaloniki
Dec. 11 Athens
Dec. 17 Vilnius
Dec. 19 Riga
Jan 23 - Feb 10 - Europe part one with 13 shows
Feb 18 - Tel Aviv - working on more shows surrounding this date
Feb 24 - Mar 15 - Europe part two with 14 shows

The official Tricky website and newsletter announced yesterday that the Skilled Mechanics album will be released on January 22. The tracklist according to Pitchfork is:
1. I'm Not Going [ft. Oh Land]
2. Hero [ft. Ann Dao]
3. Don't Go
4. Beijing To Berlin [ft. Ivy 艾菲]
5. Diving Away [feat. Luke Harris, cover of Porno For Pyros' "Porpoise Head"]
6. Boy
7. Bother [feat. Luke Harris, Slipknot cover]
8. How's Your Life
9. Here My Dear
10. We Begin' [ft. Francesca Belmonte]
11. Well
12. Necessary
13. Unreal [ft. Xdare]

You can also read some details on the official website. Most interesting: drummer Luke Harris is doing vocals on the album, which happened almost by accident: "We were on tour recently and the band were soundchecking while I was in the dressing room. I could hear the vocals loud and clear but then my regular singer, Francesca Belmonte walked past the dressing room. I thought, ‘What the fuck?’ So I went out to have a look and there was my drummer filling in for her on vocals because she needed the bathroom. There and then I said to him, ‘Do you know what? On my next project you’re going to be my vocalist…"! Tricky also shares a song from the album: Diving Away (listen on You Tube or Soundcloud). Factmag also mentions a singer named Renata Platon, but she is not mentioned in the tracklist.

Francesca Belmonte will release a deluxe edition of her debut album "Anima" on November 27. You can pre-order it on iTunes, it looks like there will only be a digital issue!? It will have 4 bonus tracks, one of them is a remix by Tricky:
16. Keep Moving (Tricky Remix)
17. We Begin
18. House Of The Rising Sun
19. Are You (Bwana Remix)
She also just released a video for "Walk With You" (watch it on You Tube, unfortunately it's not possible in Germany, so I haven't seen it). And she will be playing a live show (with special guests) in London on December 2 (Birthdays Dalston, free entry).

Tricky will be special guest for Selah Sue's Radio 1 Session in Belgium on November 18! Artists are asked to invite special guests who will join them in concert for one night. It's unusual that these guests are international, but Selah Sue explains here that she had email contact with Tricky and he was very friendly and said yes. Good news for everybody is that the concert will be broadcasted live and probably videos will end up on You Tube. 
[Thanks to Ferdinand for this info!]
I also found that Tricky will play in Sydney on November 22 for a Cafe Del Mar concert or festival. You can buy tickets here (very cheap!).

20 years ago Tricky's first album Maxinquaye was released. This summer there was a re-issue as a limited LP version with red vinyl. It is limited to 1000 copies, I will post more details in the discography when I have it. The label is called Music On Vinyl (website here), the catalogue number is MOVLP507. For now you can see some pictures here. It is not sold out yet, so you can still get it if you want. David Bennun wrote an interesting article about 20 years of Maxinquaye for The Quietus (he interviewed Tricky for Melody Maker in 1995 and 1997). 

Tricky will play his first "Skilled Mechanics" concerts on December 3 in Zagreb and on December 4 in Split!!! Check out the Facebook event page with some photos here. He will perform with Milo and drummer Luke Harris. You can buy tickets here. I've updated the tourdates. If Google translate is correct there are some interesting infos in the text of the Facebook event:
the album will have 13 tracks
- guest singers on the album will include Oh Land, Francesca Belmonte, Ann Dao, Xdarea and Ivy.

Tricky mentioned on Instagram yesterday that the Skilled Mechanics album will be out in January!

Tricky's new EP "Beijing To Berlin" is out today! You can buy it as a 7 inch or digital download in the K7 store. There's also a video for "Beijing To Berlin", you can watch it on You Tube or Vimeo. The video features Chinese rapped Ivy, who does the vocals on the single. The b-side 'Necessary' is a collaboration of Tricky and Milo and has only vocals by Tricky (plus a surprising sample of his own song 'Silly Games'). I've updated the discography.

Finally I found a working audio for Tricky's upcoming single "Beijing To Berlin": click here (the website is here). Some interesting details about this collaboration and the Skilled Mechanics project in general can be found here:
Following two solo albums on his own False Idols imprint, Tricky announces a new collaborative project. Skilled Mechanics is a loose collective with rotating membership that allows Tricky to work with a variety of different artists, while at the same time pushing his unique vocal talents to the forefront. The most prominent of these collaborators on the new record is DJ Milo, who is not only one of his oldest friends but also the first person he ever recorded with, not to mention his introduction to The Wild Bunch. One of the most enigmatic voices on the forthcoming project belongs to the Chinese rapper and producer Ivy. Tricky explains: "I was in Beijing for a show and I met this guy who managed her. He told me that she wanted to work with me so I asked for her to send a vocal track with some drums to me so I could do my thing to it. She's so different! So raw! The strange thing is, I've had the track for a while but I only just found out that she's not rapping in Chinese. I ain't got a clue what language it is. I have no idea. It might be completely made up but whatever it is, it sounds wicked. I'm lucky that with my label, False Idols, I don't need to worry about things like this. I'm never going to have an A&R guy saying to me, 'We don't understand what she's saying.' Because we don't need the support of commercial radio. It was my real good luck meeting her and she's definitely going to be on the next Skilled Mechanics album as well."
This sounds like a press release, but there's nothing on the official Tricky website yet. The Skilled Mechanics album will probably not be released before 2016, as it says here: "More news and big plans for Skilled Mechanics in 2016."

As you can read here the "Beijing To Berlin" single will have a b-side called "Necessary". The track features Milo! It looks like it will be released as a 7 inch, as you can see in this online shop.

A first single is announced: Tricky presents Skilled Mechanics - Beijing To Berlin. There is  audio on You Tube (but it is not working for me). As you can read here there will be a single (analog, so CD or vinyl) on October 16. The artist is called Tricky / Skilled Mechanics, so I guess it's a sort of project or collective name!? I always thought Skilled Mechanics is the album title. There's also a link to play the song on Spotify, but again this doesn't work for me. Spotify opens, but then it says "the song is not available". Maybe it's because I'm in Germany, I don't know...
[Thanks to Ernie for finding the video!]

According to this video interview Tricky wants to change his live shows, he said: "I wanna change my show, it'd just be me on stage with my drummer and Milo. It's gonna change the dynamics a little bit. And I'll still do the (thing?) with the female singer, but I wanna be able to change the dynamics". He also explains the name 'Skilled mechanics': "I was reading something: It's a CIA guy talking about assassins, like contract killers. He used the term 'skilled mechanics'. And I just thought it's so clinical, you know, you're talking about someone who kills people". No release date for the album or single yet, though. He describes the music as rap and him doing a lot of vocals.

Tricky posted on Instagram two days ago that a new single will be out soon!!! He also posted some lyrics: "SKILLED MECHANICS. First single soon. Why's it here how's it last played out rappers talking guns and cash. I love you though now you know let the hate subside and then we'll grow and we'll ride on through until it ends don't rely on friends to navigate the bends there's only you there's only true see the truth and enjoy the view."

Tricky mentioned on Instagram yesterday that he will release a new album soon, titled 'Skilled Mechanics'. A while ago he already mentioned this title with some lyrics on Facebook here and here (that's why I thought it was a song title and not an album title). The lyrics were: "At twelve i met my dad his name was Roy he'd forget my name and call me boy" and "I hardly sleep. I hardly breathe. Stay inside. I hardly leave". I don't know if this is the album he did with DJ Milo, which he mentioned in an interview with Red Bull recently.
He also mentioned playing gigs in Mexico in September and in Russia in October, but I didn't find any tour dates with details.

20. JULY
2015 - TWO NEW ALBUMS???
According to an interview with Red Bull (read it here), Tricky recorded an album with Russian Rappers (Human Skills of Slow Saga) and one with DJ Milo! Let's hope they will really get released one day!!!
On a side note: Tricky will play at the Carcassone Festival in France in two days (July 22), Francesca will join him!

19. JULY
Trying to catch up with the past weeks, I was too busy for updates:
- Tricky did a remix of the song S.O.S. by Zoe,
you can listen to it on Vevo. The remix is only released digitally so far, a remix CD will be released on August 14, see remix discography for details. Zoe is a band from Mexico, here is their official website.
- If you follow Tricky 
(knowlewestboy) on Instagram  you can see that he moved to Berlin (and is obsessed with clouds and graffiti)!!! Once he mentioned publishing a book with his photographs (although he said to be releasing books a couple of times and it never happened so far).
- It also seems that he is recording new material at the moment!!! Some lyrics were posted on Facebook from a song called "skilled mechanics":
"At twelve i met my dad his name was Roy he'd forget my name and call me boy", "I hardly sleep. I hardly breathe. Stay inside. I hardly leave." Hopefully the song will be released in the near future, because it says "coming soon".
- Tricky played in Rome on July 10 (I've updated the concertography
), he also mentioned on Instagram that he will be in Mexico City in September (not sure if it's a gig). The official website doesn't list new tourdates, that's really a pity...
- the Obia clothing was sent out finally, I got two shirts that I ordered last week! The female shirts run really small, I'm glad I ordered XL (normally I wear M!). If you still want to order something, go here.

2015 - ANIMA
Francesca Belmonte's solo album "Anima" is finally released today! Check it our if you can! All tracks are produced by Tricky and most are co-written by him. I will add it to the discography tomorrow. Here is her official website. There will be a free launch party tomorrow in London (at Tipsy Dalston) with Francesca performing live, support act will be GhostChant.

21. MAY
Tricky did a "lyric clothing collaboration" with Jaga Buyan called Obia. You can buy a sweatshirt or T-shirt with drawings and lyrics by Tricky, designed by Jaga. The official website says: "Each piece features a hand-painted drawing and lyric by Tricky that will become a song.", Tricky says: "I've wanted to do clothing for many years. For my first album I created Tricky Wear but it didn't work out exactly how I wanted. I've known Jaga for many years and she knows what I like and what I don't, so working with her is what I needed to get this right. Moving forwards when writing new lyrics for an album, instead of losing bits of paper when on the road and in hotel rooms, I can send lyrics straight to Jaga and the words from Obia clothing will eventually become a song - real art clothing."
All order are pre-orders and must be placed before June 1, they will ship Mid-June! Hop over to the K7 greedbag to order yours. You can see some picture in this Facebook post and also this one. Unfortunately I can't find the sweatshirt with the grey raglan sleeves in the shop, it was my favorite. You can also see pants on the photos, they are not in the shop either. The T-Shirts are made of 100% cotton, the sweatshirt is 80% cotton, 20% polyester.



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